Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy.

It’s important that you feel comfortable sharing your business information with us so here is an explanation of how we use it.

What information does Trends Publishing gather?

When subscribers ask to receive our magazine or when suppliers request a listing in the Trends Buyers Guide, we obtain contact information, such as your name, street address, phone number and email address.

Our systems may record IP addresses, payment history, and any data you provide when completing forms and surveys.

*Note: Trends Publishing never sees or handles your private financial information. All online payments are transacted on a secure third party site such as PayPal, World Bank or Google Checkout.

What does Trends Publishing do with your information?

We use the information we gather to validate your identity and to provide the services and products you order or advertise.

*Note: Trends Publishing does not sell or share email addresses.

Does Trends Publishing share information with third parties?

Trends Publishing does not share or disclose any information provided by subscribers except that required by our circulation partner and Canada Post to deliver your magazine.

Supplier information is confidential and email addresses are hidden unless a supplier chooses to make it visible.

How can I correct or update my information?

Subscribers can change or remove their contact information by email at or by submitting the subscription form available on our website.

Suppliers can request that we remove or edit their listing and all associated data by sending an e-mail to privacy@trends

What happens to the information if I leave Trends Publishing?

If you cancel your subscription or advertising we will delete all your personally identifiable account information immediately unless we are under a legal obligation to retain it or in the event of accounting irregularities.

*Trends Publishing reserves the right to make changes to this policy.